EXPO 9: showcasing 10 pilot projects in digital health

MUNICH, GERMANY. On February 2, Startup Creasphere welcomed the global digital health ecosystem, leading healthcare corporations, investors, startups, and other stakeholders to EXPO 9.

The event featured insights from the key stakeholders and visionaries of the digital health industry, as well as the impressive line-up of 10 startup teams from the fall programs in Munich and Silicon Valley showcasing their pilot projects with the corporate partners — Roche and BIOTRONIK.


New partnership

“Life expectancy is growing, but what about healthy life expectancy?” With this question in mind, Startup Creasphere welcomed its new partner — NEOM. Building a new model for sustainable living, NEOM is seeking to shift the paradigm from sick care to health maintenance by focusing on keeping people healthy and designing a system that is proactive, personalized and preventive. Through personalized health plans and lifestyle management programs NEOM will help residents and visitors live longer and healthier lives. NEOM’s ambitious plans for smart, healthy living are intertwined with Plug and Play’s DNA and Startup Creasphere’s vision to transform healthcare together.


Pilot Showcase with BIOTRONIK

At EXPO 9, BIOTRONIK showcased three pilot projects focusing on internal process improvements, but also announced the launches of brand-new products.


Medical Surface, a US-based startup, presented its pilot project on an Insulating Coating Process. The project focused on identifying an insulating coating material which can be employed in the production of BIOTORNIK’s medical devices in a single piece flow.


Circular Tree a Service-as-a-solution provider, who previously took part in the Startup Autobahn program, showcased their project on Carbon Management. The team analyzed the carbon footprint of the medical devices by BIOTRONIK to identify potentials to decrease the impact of the production on the planet and support BIOTRONIK in achieving its carbon net zero goal.  


Flowlity, specialized in Demand Prediction Analytics, presented an AI-solution for better forecasting to reduce the workload and improve forecast accuracy. The goal of the project was to help operations reduce risks in volatility, improve forecast and workload performance.



Keynote from the Unicorn Startup Owkin

Nataliia Boiko, Business Development Director from the Plug and Play Tech Center portfolio startup Owkin, spoke about the company’s journey to a unicorn startup and their technology that will benefit millions of people in the future. Owkin aims to revolutionize the identification of new drugs, accelerate and de-risk clinical trials, as well as build diagnostic solutions that will drastically improve patient outcomes.
In her keynote “Using AI to revolutionize drug discovery and development”, Nataliia Boiko talked about how the integration of artificial intelligence into pre-clinical and clinical development, as well as into diagnostics, can make targeted therapies more accessible to patients at earlier stages of their disease.

Pilot Showcase with Roche

This year, Roche celebrates its 5 years’ anniversary with Plug and Play. Dr. Jochen Hurlebaus, the Head of Digital Health Innovation at Roche, in his keynote speech reflected on the journey and highlighted the key stages of this partnership: tapping into new businesses, augmenting core businesses, and improving internal value chain, — all that with the idea to contribute to the digital transformation. During the fall programs in Munich and Silicon Valley, Roche collaborated with seven startups that showcased their pilot projects.

Acrux presented their Deep Breath solution, a remote monitoring solution that aims to tackle the challenges of intensive care units, decreasing workload and costs. The tool analyzes data for doctors and nurses, and provides recommendations for patients.

Sensoria Health the leading developer of remote patient monitoring smart garments and AI software solutions, presented their wearable solutions. The startup developed textile products like socks and boots with sensors and microelectronics to control biomarkers and assist in hospitalization. The pilot project by Roche x Sensoria Health, won the Best Pilot Showcase Award.

AvoMD pursuing the idea to make doctors happy, presented their clinical decision support solution. It’s a no-code builder that fits the physician’s workflow and aims to accelerate innovation, improve workflows and diagnostics accuracy, enhancing the quality of care.

Automation Herohelps companies process any type of document faster. Their AI-based solution allows companies to connect the dots and focus on accelerating business processes to stay competitive.

Melax Tech makes unstructured patient data available for decision support. The startup uses Natural language processing to transform biomedical textual data into insights. Noting that 80% of useful data is hidden in doctor’s notes, Melax Tech employs the NLP algorithms to retrieve pathological info from millions of notes.

iamaware expands At-Home Testing for STI and STD. The startup developed at-home testing solutions that offer an easier and more accelerated way to identify and correct people’s health concerns.

Doctena is a startup that is looking to connect health professionals with patients. Their digital solution incorporates a patient tracker that gives insights, enabling early detection of diseases. The tool provides online booking, online agenda, visibility, and online reputation.

In total, 10 pilot teams showcased their collaborations as a result of committed and hard work done for the last four months. Stay tuned for the next deep-dives into the future of healthcare and latest technologies.


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