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Recent years have seen an exponential increase in the use of medication to treat chronic pain and associated disorders. Patient-directed music interventions have been shown to be directly linked to patient well-being. MUSIC CARE is the leading organization in the research & development of the psycho-physiological effect of music as a medical treatment since 1999. The MUSIC CARE app helps to assess pain, adjust the duration of the sessions, treats pain and evaluates its effectiveness. The musical compositions are based on the principles of neuro feedback to fight pain and anxiety. MUSIC CARE is a clinically proven medical treatment for pain, anxiety and depression, sleeping disorder, Alzheimer’s disease and overmedication. It enables shorter stays in hospitals and reduces the costs of hospitalization. We have talked to Stéphane Guetin, president and founder of MUSIC CARE, about his research experience in the treatment of pain and his way to found MUSIC CARE.

Stéphane, what is your story – how did you come to found Music Care? During my studies in music therapy and my doctoral thesis in psychology, I quickly became fascinated in pain relief through music. The review of the scientific literature and the results of our clinical research led me to the standardization of a musical intervention: the U Sequence. We founded the company and developed the Music Care digital application in order to make care through music accessible for patients.

How can music be used to help relieve pain and anxiety? Scientists have found that music can help reduce pain and anxiety. Studies have found that dopamine, a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in our cognitive, emotional, and behavioral functioning, plays a direct role in the reward experience induced by music. The impact of music intervention may also be due to neurophysiological effects specific to pain and to music, acting on the sensory, cognitive, affective, and behavioral components.

Are there any learnings from your startup experience you can share with young entrepreneurs? Have a product you are passionate about and believe in. Have integrity, be sincere, build relationships, and don’t take no for an answer.

Fast facts

  • Based in Paris/Miami
  • Scientific research since 1999
  • Founder: Stéphane Guetin, Antoine Moret de Rocheprise

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