On June 30, 2020 the first virtual Expo Day for Batch 4 of Startup Creasphere took place.

In June 30, 2020 the first virtual Expo Day for Batch 4 of Startup Creasphere took place. We are really delighted that over 400 people attended the live webcast. The Expo Day was kicked-off by our Chairman Christoph Franz, followed by representatives of the corporate partners introducing the following startup pitches.

The batch 4 participants presented their solutions as well as the outcome of their pilot projects with Roche and Sanofi: Statice is an automatic data anonymization software that allows you to easily use sensitive data. This is done by using synthetic data that allows you to perform meaningful data analysis without ever touching the original data. GRAKN LABS is an open-source knowledge graph platform that leverages the power of machine reasoning to help you build the next generation of intelligent applications.


Jana Care’s CE marked handheld paper diagnostic platform, Aina, enables testing of key blood biomarkers for Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease Sorcero’s Enterprise NLP suite provides prebuilt, configurable NLP solutions to deliver scalable, automated, advanced knowledge bases, decision support, and compliance to enhance the value chain across insurance and life sciences. Eko.ai is on a mission to revolutionize the early detection and treatment of heart disease. Machine learning based software for early detection and treatment of heart disease, turning a process that takes hours, thousands of clicks and millions of cardiologist man-hours into a one second search. MUSIC CARE© can now offer patients individualized music intervention sessions using a standardized protocol that complies with international scientific guidelines. Healint designs state-of-the-art solutions for chronic pain diseases to empower people by embedding AI in mobile phones and analyzing in record time health data.


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