Raising awareness for World Cancer Day – Feb 4

Startup Feature

Headquarter: Portland, US
Website: www.begabbi.com

Founded: 2019

Portfolio Startup: Yes

Today, every year in the United States, 38,000 women of all ages and ethnicities die from breast cancer due to delayed diagnosis. Not only does this cost precious lives, but it’s also an incredible burden on the system. Every year, payors pay $163 billion due to late diagnoses and the associated healthcare costs.

Gabbi aims to solve both problems by saving lives and saving payors’ money. As the first AI-enabled, community-based approach to holistic disease assessment and management, we are a pioneer in the field. Our solution aggregates meaningful data to provide personalized assessments, tailored action plans, and engaging communities.

Gabbi’s mission is to empower women to understand their bodies, manage their health, and proactively seek the care they need in order to decrease the rate of delayed diagnosis and disease incidence. Gabbi is starting with breast cancer and will expand to other (preventable) cancers as well as preventable syndromes like endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Picture: unsplash.com

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