Decentriq is solving data collaboration on sensitive data by combining the latest advancements privacy enhancing technologies. It offers Data Clean Rooms that allow multiple parties to collaborate on their sensitive data without the need to trust anyone; including Decentriq.


Toloka is one of the major crowdsourcing platforms today with 200,000 monthly active performers from over 100 countries and speak more than 40 languages.


Labelbox has leveraged artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a central clinical trial and R&D annotation platform that enables advanced image analysis.

Anagen Systems

Anagen Systems has developed a digital tissue sample tracking and monitoring solution including labelling and quality of sample to improve the pre-pre-analytical workflow.


Captiv8 provides the full service spectrum in Influencer marketing backed by deep data metrics.

Confirmed Consent

Confirmed Consent is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, interactive patient consent solution.

Law of the Jungle

Law of the Jungle is cloud technology and expert know- how that makes marketing compliance easy, fast and reliable. Law of the Jungle tools are advanced cloud technologies but the roots lie in the complex challenge of making law work for business.

Zoi Meet

Zoi Meet is a cloud-based audio capturing platform that turns conversations into searchable transcripts with the aim to better understand neurodegenerative diseases. aims to empower humans through smart algorithms. Their intelligent anomaly detection tool maximises data insights for health professionals, engineers, analysts and managers, enabling them to make fast and informed decisions. Automated anomaly detection can drive efficiency gains and reduce the likelihood of error.


Statice is an automatic data anonymization software that allows use to use sensitive data. This is done by using synthetic data that allows you to perform meaningful data analysis without ever touching the original data.

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