Cardiolyse markets CE certified predictive cardiac ML platform and RPM applications for Pharma and Healthcare providers to bring care out of the hospitals. Indication area: Diabetes


Wearunit offers an AI solution capable of processing complex structured and unstructured medical data to perform predictive and automated monitoring.

Redivus Health

Redivus Health has developed a cloud-based clinical decision support platform to improve the adoption of guidelines for diseases such as sepsis, enabling healthcare professionals to follow clinical protocols during time-sensitive, high-mortality event.


Oncoustics offers an AI solution that analyses raw ultrasound data to provide a quantitative score as well as an enhanced image supporting the detection of diseases including liver and prostate cancer. Indication area: Oncology

Mesh Bio

Mesh Bio aims to transform health screening and chronic disease management by building a predictive analytics platform. The startup works with healthcare providers and stakeholders and translates complex clinical data and numbers into actionable insights for clinical practice – to help patients better manage their


The Medical Algorithms Company supports providers and payers with analytics and documentation for evidence-based medical practice, covering a broad range of diagnostics, treatment and readmission predictors. The online platform supplies over 27,000 tested medical calculators and analytic risk scores to improve the decision-making process. is fighting against cardiovascular diseases using machine learning to automate the reading of echocardiograms. The software provides a research database as well as ready-to-use segmentation models and validation cohorts for the early detection of cardiovascular risks. Indication area: Cardiometabolic Diseases

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