MediBioSense has built a bio-sensor wearable for the continuous monitoring of eight vital signs: single-lead ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, body and skin temperature, body posture, fall detection, activity including steps.


TeleMedC aims to provide low-cost diagnostic solutions for point-of-care screening and virtual management of chronic retinal diseases. Leveraging sophisticated eye imaging, the startup is currently working on a combination of portable hardware and automated local and cloud-based software.


Lifelight allows completely contactless measurement of vital signs using a smartphone in 40 seconds. Indication area: Diabetes


Vay specializes in human motion analysis. Their motion capture technology utilizes cameras and data processing to provide real time feedback on movement execution. Indication area: Neurodegenerative Diseases


StethoMe is the first medical diagnostic device of its kind – one that monitors the respiratory system and measures body temperature in a precise but user-friendly way. The electronic stethoscope will inform about any potential abnormal sounds thanks to the special algorithms implemented. It also


SteadySense develops intelligent temperature measuring systems intended to simplify medical care routines. The app-based solution offers a fully integrated and precise temperature sensor which is embedded in a skin patch and measures the human body temperature over several days, reducing the complex actions of temperature


SmartCardia has developed a medically certified patch that senses and continuously collects blood pressure, ECG, oxygen saturation, respiration and temperature — all from a single location. Machine learning algorithms on the back end, which have been developed from over 15 ongoing clinical trials (2500+ patients),


Respiree provides targeted predictions and diagnosis of cardio-respiratory diseases using a combination of advanced breath-cardio sensors and artificial intelligence. The solution is used to track and predict decompensation, readmissions and compliance along the patient journey. Indication area: Cardiometabolic Diseases


Precordior offers a smartphone-based monitoring solution to access critical health information by utilizing gyroscope and accelerometer within the smartphone. By placing the phone on the chest for one minute, it can measure cardiac motion and contractility in six channels. Their remote monitoring helps physicians to

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