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Veta Health‘s automated care management & population health solutions empower patients to self-manage and drive transparency in the ambulatory setting. Veta Health builds care pathways that optimize for successful health outcomes with a data-driven approach. Pathways are continuously modified based on the clinical & patient-reported


RediCare offers digitial prevention and management services for chronic diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, high cholesterol and obesity leveraging on data-driven nutritional insights. Indication areas: Diabetes, Cardiometabolic Diseases

Medicus AI is a smart platform and app that interprets and translates medical reports and health data into easy-to-understand, personalized explanations and health insights. It currently covers biomarker data, all vitals, full health profile and family history, medications, and the most tested blood, urine and


Lark provides a disease prevention and management platform which utilizes AI techniques to offer real-time, personalized support and counselling to patients affected by chronic conditions. Indication areas: Cardiometabolic Diseases, Diabetes


Infermedica creates AI driven solutions that help insurance, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies increase efficiency, improve patient flow and reduce costs. Using advanced reasoning technology for medical diagnosis, it makes it easier to pre-diagnose, triage, and connect patients with the appropriate medical services. The technology can


GlucoMe streamlines and simplifies diabetes care for patients, caregivers, and medical professionals. Their easy-to-use digital diabetes care platform lowers care overhead, helps patients comply with treatment plans, improves HbA1c levels and dramatically impacts overall patient quality of life. Indication areas: Cardiometabolic Diseases, Diabetes


Carevive provides a digital cancer care platform that enables the development of personalized and dynamic cancer care plans based on patients’ real-world experiences throughout their journey. The solution supports shared decision making and incorporates the patient’s voice systematically into the treatment planning process. Indication area: Oncology


Babyscripts is the only doctor delivered digital health tool for tech-enabled prenatal and postpartum care that enhances the doctor/patient relationship outside the four walls of the clinic during routine, low risk pregnancy care. It detects elevated risk in between appointments and alerts the doctor if

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