Synthace builds a user-friendly, hugely powerful software platform to give biologists sophisticated, flexible and integrated control over their lab hardware. This enables experiments and lab workflows to be rapidly automated, and data from those workflows to be automatically integrated and linked to their experiment, thereby


Smart4Diagnostics closes the human blood sample data gap between blood collection and lab analysis and enables a new quality standard for diagnostic decision making, changing medical diagnostics from a trust-based system into an evidence-based system. They connect and aggregate all relevant data on the quality


LabTwin has has developed a voice-powered digital lab solution to train voice assistants on domain specific vocabulary and context awareness for R& D lab workflows. It allows scientists to collect data, manage experiments and reagent inventories, and streamline documentation by talking.


Inveox develops systems to digitize, automate and connect pathology laboratories. With an innovative automation system for sample preparation in histopathology, inveox increases efficiency and safety in pathology laboratories, significantly reducing the risk of operational irregularities and potential misdiagnoses and improving patient safety especially in cancer accelerates clinical development through its machine learning-based knowledge automation platform. Their vision: Imagine conversing with your data and instantly getting straightforward answers – anyone can use it, and it doesn’t matter where the data is and what format it’s in. Huma.AI serves as the

Fluics Connect

Fluics Connect boosts the efficiency of research labs by introducing an intelligent sample management solution based on its unique plug-and-play inventory technology. By tagging real objects in the lab with unique labels and connecting them with a mobile app to a digital inventory, researchers can


Deigma has developed a GPS enabled solution that allows laboratories for pre-pre-analytics by tracking blood samples and to monitor the blood sample workflow’s quality.

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