4 healthcare investments at Plug and Play Munich in 2021

To mark the end of the year, we want to celebrate our successes together with you! This year alone, 29 incredible startups were part of our pilot-driven digital health program Startup Creasphere. We’re excited to see so many successful pilots with our corporate partners Roche, Novo Nordisk and Biotronik in Munich, Singapore and Silicon Valley!

Other than that, in 2021, Plug and Play Munich has done four health investments in disruptive and promising startups in the fields of Digital Twin for Medical Device Development, Digital Biomarker Respiratory Diseases, Clinical Workflow Optimization and Digital Biomarker for Eye Health.

New Portfolio Startups

In 2021, we added 4 health investments to our portfolio which so far consisted of the startups Cliniserve, Testcard and Novoic. Read more about our new investments below and reach out to get in touch with the founders. But, we don’t want to stop here. In 2022 we are looking forward to enabling more valuable connections and future technologies at many virtual, hybrid and in-person events and – stay tuned for our next health investments.

Headquarter: Munich, Germany
Website: virtonomy.io

Virtonomy is creating the first web platform for use by medical device developers that utilizes virtual patients for data-driven clinical trials, thereby shortening the time-to-market for life-essential medical devices, accelerating medical innovation, and significantly reducing costs by up to 50%.

The conventional way of medical device testing are unethical animal trials and highly risky human trials. These are associated with tremendously increasing costs and trials expose many patients to unproven therapies. This status quo is not sustainable anymore. Virtonomy is about to change this!

Virtonomy’s SaaS system is based on clinical scans (CT, MRT), pathology, and medical device data. Using secure data connections and artificial intelligence, Virtonomy has engineered the entire pipeline from data acquisition from our clinical partners to visualization of the results using virtual reality.

Headquarter: Wilmington, United States
Website: hyfe.ai

Hyfe is a cough detection algorithm that runs on a smartphone and tracks coughs. Using machine learning algorithms trained on millions of labeled sounds, it can detect coughs from ambient sound and track them over space and time. The end goal is to improve it to the point where it can distinguish between different types of coughs and become a powerful diagnostic tool.

Headquarter: London, UK
Website: dyad.net

Dyad is building a healthcare-wide knowledge graph and cognitive operations platform to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare systems by enabling interoperability, automation and trust in data. By digitally replicating business processes and expertise into our knowledge graph, and connecting it to open health data and live operational data using AI, we enable workflow automation, optimisation and visibility.

Dyad’s platform is built to support offerings for primary care, secondary care, GPOs and payers. The companies go-to-market strategy focuses on primary care to enable rapid product feedback and a short sales cycle. Their first product integrates with common clinical management systems used in primary care, and uses AI to link their data to a knowledge graph to catch likely coding errors, save time and increase primary care income.

Headquarter: Bristol, UK
Website: okkohealth.com

Okko Health has developed home-monitoring applications designed for measuring vision. The company’s software combines vision science and computer science to measure sight as precisely and reliably as physically possible, thereby enabling patients who are at high risk of eye disease to self-monitor from home and avoid the hospital.

The companies system comprises 3 parts: a patient-facing app, a cloud-based secure server for encrypted data, and a clinical dashboard.

By combining strong vision science with deep clinical insight and games technology, Okko Health is developing next-generation algorithms to predict deterioration ahead of time. Gamification enables gain repeated measurements, combining the best of scientific techniques with an easy, simple interface that patients find engaging to use regularly.

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