Transforming Healthcare Together.

What is Startup Creasphere?

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We are a global digital health innovation platform that connects startups with industry-leading corporate partners to pilot their technology and drive the ultimate goal of Transforming Healthcare Together.

We created an environment within our global ecosystem to pilot solutions and services, drive investments, learn and share experiences and facilitate international expansion.

All startups selected into our 3-months Startup Creasphere program work on dedicated pilot projects with our corporate partners – this pilot-driven focus is unique.



Prior to the batch, there is an intensive selection process in which we source for the perfect match startups based on the individual challenges provided by the business units of our corporate partners.

We put intensive effort in the sourcing process so that both parties can be absolutely certain about whether they want to pilot or start a project together or not.

The KICK OFF is a public event to which we invite all selected batch startups to pitch in front of our corporate partners as well as our global Plug and Play ecosystem. Next to the pitches, we usually have inspiring keynotes, panel discussions, intros by our corporate partners and lots of networking opportunities.

On the ORIENTATION DAY we onboard our batch startups to Startup Creasphere by providing an overview of the program and timeline. Further, we connect startups and business units to kick off the pilot project, to set milestones and to align on how they plan to work with the startups within the program.

Each batch contains three DEEP DIVE WEEKS with the aim of structuring the program into milestones. Next to regular (weekly or bi-weekly) meetings throughout the program, pilot owners and startups will have more extensive pilot owner meetings in our Deep Dive Weeks.

In addition, Plug and Play organises and facilitates different formats and events during the Deep Dive Weeks to support the startup, like matchmaking sessions, investor speed dating or workshops.

During the matchmaking sessions, we connect our batch startups with our corporate partners, angel investors, VCs, industry experts, and pitch polishers with experience in business development, investments, and specialized fields in their market.

The EXPO concludes our 3-months program with our batch startups showcasing their joint projects with our corporate partners to an audience of 400+ corporate executives, investors and fellow entrepreneurs. We’re creating a stage for the corporate and startup parties behind the pilot projects, healthcare industry leaders, investors and our global ecosystem to come together and connect with the aim of transforming healthcare together.

Startup Creasphere

Transforming Healthcare Together

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We are experts in helping startups achieve their true potential.


Potential to pilot your solutions with leading healthcare corporations.


1:1 mentoring with our corporate partners to help you strengthen your business model and scale within the global health landscape.


Get to know us without committing any equity. Optional funding available in the course of regular financing rounds.


Our programs are 12-weeks long. You can apply at any time – independently from the deadline. We will take care of finding the right Batch for you.


We are focusing on all topics along the health value chain, i.e.: Digital Biomarkers, Personalized Healthcare, and Digital Laboratories.


Get the opportunity for one-on-one meetings between corporates and startups that can lead to new opportunities.


It is not mandatory to move to Munich. Use our brand new coworking space in one of Munich’s top startup clusters if you want to.


Engage with the leading European health players, meet investors and exchange with like-minded entrepreneurs.


Optionally, hit the Silicon Valley, spend 3 months at the Plug and Play Accelerator and make mind-changing experiences and business-changing contacts.

Program Dates

October 21, 2020: Kick-Off Batch 5 Program

October 22, 2020: Orientation

November 10-11, 2020: Deep Dive Week #1

December 9-10, 2020: Deep Dive Week #2

January 13-14, 2021: Deep Dive Week #3

February 4, 2021: Expo Day Batch 5

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