Startup Creasphere meets 2024

From June 4 to June 6, Munich was the place to be for startups, corporates, VCs, insurers, and further players interested in transforming healthcare together. On the first day, the Expo Day event of the globally integrated Startup Creasphere program was centered around the focus topic of data-driven longevity and the startup showcases from the current batch. In the following two days, more than 3,000 participants attended the third edition of (formerly Bits & Pretzels HealthTech) at the ICM Munich.

June 4: Expo Day Startup Creasphere

Following a welcome by host Plug and Play, Jochen Hurlebaus, Head Digital Health Innovation at Roche, kicked the program off with his keynote on longevity. Underlining that longevity is not about how long we live, but how long we live healthily, he presented different approaches and the latest insights on how to measure their effectiveness. He summed up that investing in one’s longevity “does not come cheap at this point in time” (a lot of time and cost investment is currently required), but that everyone can get started doing something today, and that it will probably become easier in the future with biohacking and other promising approaches evolving further over time.

Jordan Sellman, Head of Health Partnerships and Innovation at NEOM, continued with an introduction to how longevity measures could be implemented, moving from a healthcare system where the vast majority of spending goes into hospital and ambulant care and only 2% is being spent on preventive care. One key aspect from his perspective is a more personalized approach to health assessment, health plans and health care.

The startup pitches section of the afternoon was kicked off by Tim Kuruvilla, Head of RIS Go-to-Market at Roche Information Solutions. As the co-founder of Viewics, a startup that has been acquired by Roche, he shared insights on his own experience  and how powerful collaborations with the healthcare ecosystem are for startups. He especially highlighted also the impact of Plug and Play, who invested early on into Viewics and opened the doors to their network. Furthermore, he introduced Roche’s vision of an open ecosystem to transform digital healthcare together, based on the belief that nobody can do it on their own which has led to Roche’s engagement as a founding partner of Startup Creasphere. Over the last 12 batches, Roche has partnered with  90 startups, resulting in more than 50% follow-up projects and a commercialization rate of almost 20% to date.

The four Roche pilot showcases, all presented by the startup teams in person on stage, included:

  • RegHub (Germany): RegHub simplifies regulatory change management and compliance processes, effectively eliminating risks and lowering costs by accessing, identifying, and analyzing the most relevant regulatory information.
  • Smarter Contracts (UK): Smarter Contracts has developed a data-privacy and consent management platform that combines blockchain, machine learning and cutting-edge design to create unique data management and customer experiences.
  • Savana (Spain): By transforming unstructured clinical data into structured real-world evidence data using AI and NLP, Savana enables the generation of high-quality and reliable data sets.
  • Nosotech (Canada): Nosotech is a leader in software for infection prevention & antimicrobial stewardship and provides a real-time epidemic surveillance tool.

Florentine Genss, General Manager of the conference, also joined the Expo Day to both share her perspective on longevity and how real-world data can contribute to achieving this goal through early detection and prevention, personalized care, chronic disease management, and population health management. At the end of her presentation, she gave  an outlook on the upcoming conference, before heading back to the ICM Munich for the last preparations for the conference opening on the next morning.

June 5-6, 2024: 2024 – Connected insights to enable better care

Building on the success of its previous editions, has established itself as one of Europe’s leading platforms for top-tier content, sales, and networking in the health ecosystem. Roche, as a proud founding member, continues to demonstrate its commitment to fostering open innovation and dynamic ecosystems that lead to better patient care.

Highlights of the conference and Speaking Engagements

  • Digital Platforms: Your Fast Lane to Impact Healthcare with Moritz Hartmann.
  • The European Ecosystem with Okan Ekinci.
  • Charting the Course: Providers’ Visions for the Hospital of Tomorrow with Okan Ekinci.
  • Accelerating Health Tech Advancements: Insights from the Real World with Matthew Prime.
  • Healthcare Funding and Innovation in the EU with Afua van Haasteren.
  • Seamless Connectivity of Healthcare Data Sources with Imane Möst and Michael J. Flynn.
  • Rising on Platforms: Building and Scaling your Company for Success with Jochen Hurlebaus.
  • Nurturing Trust and Positivity for Secondary Use of Data with Afua van Haasteren.
  • Value Based Care with Alexandra Vallon Eberhard.
  • From Seed to Success with Tim Kuruvilla and Michael Forisch.
  • Transforming Cardiac Disease Management: Bridging the Gap Between Care Settings Through Technology – Lee Lehman-Becker and Mathieu Chaffard.

Brand & Product Presence

At the Roche booth, visitors had the opportunity to engage with product demos, explore the navify Marketplace, and experience our Roche’s digital solutions firsthand. Additionally, Roche hosted engaging in-booth, and on-stage presentations led by select startup partners (including Startup Creasphere Alumni), who shared insights into their collaborative journeys with Roche and more.

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