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Christina Brandmair

Global Program Lead, Health, Plug and Play

Christina Brandmair

Global Program Lead, Plug and Play

Celebrating 5 years of Innovation at the Startup Creasphere EXPO10

On June 19th, Startup Creasphere hosted the much-awaited annual event dedicated to the healthcare ecosystem. Celebrating 5 years of innovation, the EXPO10 brought together industry leaders, corporations, startups and entrepreneurs, in a vibrant showcase of technological transformation.

Startup Creasphere APAC Batch 1 program launches in Singapore

Following the success of our Startup Creasphere APAC Batch 0 program, we have launched Batch 1 of our Startup Creasphere APAC program in Singapore. Our Startup Creasphere APAC program is modelled after our successful Startup Creasphere platform in Munich, and aims to transform healthcare in

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