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Christina Brandmair

Global Program Lead, Health, Plug and Play

Christina Brandmair

Global Program Lead, Plug and Play

Roche & Lark Health’s Pilot Study on Cardiac Self-Efficacy

Roche has collaborated with Lark Health on the pilot study “Cardiac Self-Efficacy Improvement in a Digital Health Pilot Program for Heart Health” to help patients prevent and manage heart disease by targeting Cardiovascular Disease risk factors.

Roche & cobas® pulse app platform

Roche has collaborated with STARTUP CREASHERE to identify partners for a digital platform for HCPs at the PoC to improve workflows and change healthcare in favour of cost efficiency and better patient care.

The Success Stories of Roche and Batch 8 Startups

At Plug and Play, we are excited about our strong global partnership with Roche and our joint mission to transform healthcare together. For the most recent 3 month program (Batch 8), Roche business units have been collaborating with Cerascreen, Decentriq, MediBioSense, Neurotrack, and PxHealthcare.

Meet the Founders – Oncoustics

Oncoustics, based in Toronto, Canada, offers an AI solution that analyses raw ultrasound data to provide a quantitative score supporting the detection of diseases including liver and prostate cancer.

Meet the Founders – Respiree

Respiree from Singapore provides targeted predictions and diagnosis of cardio-respiratory diseases using a combination of advanced breath-cardio sensors and artificial intelligence.

Meet the Founders – (former from Singapore wants to automate the fight against cardiovascular diseases with their solution that uses machine learning to automate the analysis of echocardiograms.

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