Roche & cobas® pulse app platform

Roche has collaborated with STARTUP CREASHERE to identify partners for a digital platform for HCPs at the PoC to improve workflows and change healthcare in favour of cost efficiency and better patient care.

The Project 


The predecessor of cobas®  pulse, the Roche Accu-Chek Inform II device supported hundreds of thousands of nurses in hospitals around the globe in measuring blood glucose.


In the beginning, cobas®  pulse was also planned to be a single-purpose device, but the decision to use Android™ as an operating system changed this vision from a handheld for blood glucose measurement to an enhanced PoC digital platform. The next-generation PoC device aims to simplify workflows for busy healthcare professionals and improve their ability to deliver patient care.

Florian Schindler, Global Head R&D Roche Diabetes Care and former Roche Diagnostics Project Leader:

“What I love about the collaboration with the startups is that they think and act differently from what we are used to at Roche. They know they need to show quick progress and success, if they want to make it in the healthcare market. They are driven by the idea of changing something, maybe even changing the world by creating something new.”

The Solution: cobas® pulse

As an industry first, the cobas® pulse system combines the form factor of a high-performance blood glucose meter with simple usability and expanded digital capabilities similar to that of a smartphone.


The cobas® pulse system provides access to third-party digital health applications (developed and provided by the startups and based on the Android operating system) that can offer a range of clinically valuable functions — from clinical decision support to the measurement of vital signs and digital biomarkers — and also features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC.


With the cobas® pulse system designed around the specific needs of healthcare professionals, Roche aims to simplify workflows and equip nurses and doctors with valuable clinical insights to deliver better patient care.

Startup Solutions integrated into the cobas® pulse:

The Project Results & Benefits

New business model:
The cobas® pulse system marks the first integrated solution from Roche Diagnostics to leverage a pioneering business-to-business partnership model that connects developers of digital health solutions with healthcare professionals as customers.

Benefits for Roche:

  • Strategic innovation provider
  • Additional revenue streams
  • Quick access to innovation
  • Extended market leadership position

Benefits for Point of Care users:

  • A unique all-in-one solution
  • Added-value information
  • Better patient care
  • Time and cost-savings thanks to the streamlined processes

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