Roche & Lark Health’s Pilot Study on Cardiac Self-Efficacy

Roche has collaborated with Lark Health on the pilot study “Cardiac Self-Efficacy Improvement in a Digital Health Pilot Program for Heart Health” to help patients prevent and manage heart disease by targeting Cardiovascular Disease risk factors.

The Project 


Behaviour change programs focused on leading a healthy lifestyle can play a critical role in preventing and managing cardiovascular disease risk. A component of this relies on helping patients develop a sense of self-efficacy around managing their cardiovascular health, which can include educational materials, care coaching, and behaviour change.


The 90-day pilot study by Lark Health in collaboration with Roche first helped participants identify their own personal risks for developing CVD, and then provided them with AI-powered care coaching and educational lessons focused on behaviours that reduce those risks and promote better heart health.

Goals of the study:

Demonstrate members’ continued engagement with risk assessment surveys, in-app coaching activities, device measurements to improve cardiac self-efficacy and reduce cardiovascular risk.

Results of the study:

As part of the study, after 40 days in the Heart Health program, 272 participants on average showed an increase in overall cardiac self-efficacy (as measured by the 9-item cardiac self-efficacy scale).

For the reference:

The overall sum score of the scale and all 9 individual items showed significant improvements: in knowing:

  • when to call or visit a doctor about your heart disease,
  • how to make a doctor understand your concerns about your heart,
  • how to take your cardiac medications,
  • how much physical activity is good for you.

    and feeling confident in being able to maintain:
  • your social activities
  • your usual activities at home with their family,
  • your usual activities at work,
  • your sexual relationship with their
  • and get regular aerobic exercise.

These three items showed the largest increase:

  • knowing when to call or visit the doctor for your heart disease,
  • knowing how much physical activity is good for you,
  • that you can get regular aerobic exercise.

The Project Results & Benefits 

Lark’s Heart Health program is an AI-powered lifestyle change program that provides health behaviour coaching and surveys to prevent and manage atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and coronary artery disease by targeting key cardiovascular disease risk factors. The Lark Heart Health program is designed to be a 12-month program for primary prevention in individuals without a history of cardiovascular disease or secondary prevention for those in stable condition after a cardiovascular event.

The Heart Health program delivers unlimited, real-time heart health coaching that focuses on:

  • Digital nutrition therapy
  • Medication adherence counselling
  • Personalised guidance on weight loss, physical activity, tobacco, cessation, stress, and sleep

Heart Health is fully remote and offered to adult members of Lark’s healthcare partners via a smartphone connected to the Internet.


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