Investment news from alumni startups – Labelbox, Tag-N-Trac and Infermedica

We are excited to announce some investment news around two of our current Batch 7 startups, Labelbox and Tag-N-Trac, as well as an alumni from Batch 1 – Infermedica.

Picture – Brian Rieger (President & Co-Founder, Labelbox) & Manu Sharma (CEO, Labelbox). Source:

Investment News

Headquarter: London, UK

Program: Batch 7

Labelbox is a complete solution for taking control of your training data with fast labeling tools, human workforce, data management, a powerful API and automation to drive value from ML and AI.

Their mission is to build the best products for humans to advance artificial intelligence. They believe that AI has the power to transform every aspect of our lives — from healthcare to agriculture. The exponential impact of artificial intelligence will mean mammograms can happen quickly and cheaply, irrespective of the limited number of radiologists there are in the world, and growers will know the instant that disease hits their farm without even being there.

On January 6, 2022, Labelbox announced its Series D funding raising $110 million to accelerate the development and distribution of their AI training data platform. The round was led by SoftBank Investment Advisers and joined by Catherine Wood of ARK Investment Management LLC, Snowpoint Ventures, Databricks, BCapital Group and Andreessen Horowitz.

Headquarter: San Diego, United States

Program: Batch 7

Tag-N-Trac is introducing a proprietary ultra-thin Smart Label technology linked to their Hardware Enabled SaaS/Analytics platform that provides real-time supply chain visibility.

On Jan 25, 2022, the Smart IoT tracking startup raised a $10 million #seriesa round, led by Dell Technologies, with Merck Global Innovation Fund and AeroSafe Global also participating.
Tag-N-Trac was founded in 2020 with the goal of modernizing the entire #logistics lifecycle. In our current Batch 7, the #startup is exploring a pilot project with Roche focused on the Lab of the Future.

Headquarter: Poland / United States

Program: Batch 1

Infermedica, founded in 2012 in Poland, offers a triage platform for patients using an AI-based reasoning technologies to perform preliminary medical diagnosis.

Infermedica is a health AI company that improves the diagnostic process using the most advanced reasoning technology for medical triage. Their goal is to increase healthcare accessibility, minimize the rate of misdiagnosis and streamline costs of providing quality care. The core product is an AI-based triage platform for patients to perform a preliminary diagnostic interview available in three forms: Symptom Checker, Call Center Triage, and API.

They have raised $30 million in Series B funding follow-on round led by One Peak Partners, and supported by previous investors Karma Ventures, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Heal Capital, and Inovo Venture Partners. To date, the startup has raised $45 million in total.

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