The Success Stories of Roche and Batch 8 Startups

Startup Creasphere and Roche 

At Plug and Play, we are excited about our strong global partnership with Roche Diagnostics and our joined mission to transform healthcare together. Launched in 2018, the 3 month program has successfully matched startups to corporate partners, enabling 92 pilot projects.

Roche is the worlds largest biotech company, and a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. This combination has made Roche the leader in personalized healthcare, and the opportunity to have differentiated medicines throughout various fields such as infectious diseases, ophthalmology and central nervous system diseases.

For the most recent 3 month program of Startup Creasphere (Batch 8), the ventures team of Plug and Play sourced startups to support Roche in developing and innovating their practices and technology in four specific focus topics: Disease Management, Digital Biomarkers, Advanced Data Analytics and Clinical Decision Support.

Following certain requirements from Roche, we went through an iterative process to identify the right startup for each corporate challenge. In the end, the following startups were selected for the program and collaborative pilot projects:

Cerascreen, Decentriq, MediBioSense, Neurotrack, and PxHealthcare


The collaboration between Roche and Decentriq 

Decentriq specializes in federated learning and confidential computing. The startup has built a SaaS platform that provides on-demand data clean rooms based on confidential computing to enable easy and secure working on sensitive data assets. The goal of their pilot project is to explore how to leverage the startup’s data clean room to shorten times and optimize processes & costs in early biomarker discovery.

Pilot Team

  • Pilot Owner: Asad Preuss-Dodhy, Consultant Data Privacy Technologies and Solutions, Roche Diagnostics
  • Startup: Pierre Cholet, Head of Business Development at Decentriq


The collaboration between Roche and MediBioSense

MediBioSense has built a biosensor wearable for the continuous monitoring of eight vital signs: single-lead ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, body and skin temperature, body posture, fall detection, and activity including steps. During Batch 8, Roche was exploring the integration of the startup’s ECG solution into Roche’s digital point of care platform.

Pilot Team

  • Pilot Owner: Till Baumgärtel, Product Owner Point-of-Care App Platform
  • Startup: Simon Beniston, Founder & CEO of MediBioSense


The collaboration between Roche and Neurotrack

Neurotrack develops digital cognitive health solutions that enable people to assess, monitor, and strengthen their brain health to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and other dementias. The goal is to leverage the startup’s eye-tracking and cognitive testing capabilities to improve clinical trials in the field of Alzheimer’s early detection.

Pilot Team

  • Pilot Owner: Bryan Cobb, Healthcare Delivery Innovation & Collaborations Lead, Genentech
  • Startup:  Aashish Mody, President at Neurotrack


The collaboration between Roche and Px Healthcare

PxHealthcare has developed a digital health platform that combines the collection of patient experience data with patient-reported outcome data to improve clinical outcomes in the field of oncology. The goal is to look for potential integration of the Owise app into Roche’s digital oncology solutions.

Pilot Team

  • Pilot Owner: Elizabeth Little, Head of Innovation Delivery – Roche Information Solutions / Provider Insights
  • Startup: Anne Bruinvels, Founder & CEO at PxHealthcare

Startup Creasphere is delighted to have had such an extraordinary program with Roche and its Batch 8 startups

We are looking forward to what these startups and their collaborations will bring for the future, as well as excited for what the new Batch 9 startups will bring!


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