Celebrating 5 years of Innovation at the Startup Creasphere EXPO10

On June 19th, Startup Creasphere hosted the much-awaited annual event dedicated to the healthcare ecosystem. Celebrating 5 years of innovation, the EXPO10 brought together industry leaders, corporations, startups and entrepreneurs, in a vibrant showcase of technological transformation.

The EXPO gathered key stakeholders of the healthcare industry, including a corporate panel with Startup Creasphere’s corporate partners Roche, Neom and Daiichi Sankyo Europe, 5 startups showcasing their pilot projects with them, as well as Plug and Play CEO Saeed Amidi, who came all the way from Silicon Valley for the 5-year anniversary.

Opening Keynote by Saeed Amidi

The event started with a captivating opening keynote delivered by the Founder and CEO of Plug and Play, Saeed Amidi. He highlighted how innovation, digital transformation and creating work in technology are the grounds of every ministry and corporation. Reflecting on the remarkable journey and numerous pilot projects within Startup Creasphere, he also outlined how Plug and Play is supporting to shape the innovation strategies of over 500+ corporations globally.

Corporate Innovation Panel

At EXPO 10, Plug and Play hosted a captivating corporate innovation panel featuring corporate partners Jochen Hurlebaus, Head of Digital Health Innovation at Roche, Jordan Sellman, Head of Health Partnerships & Innovation at Neom and Anna-Maria Heidinger, Head of Digital Innovation Hub at Daiichi Sankyo Europe.


All three companies are deeply involved in the Startup Creasphere platform, and the panel was a great discussion about their approaches to innovation, the value of the ecosystem for them and the role of startups in their journey.

Pilot Showcases

Afterwards, the focus was on the startups from the current digital health program – together with their pilot owners from Roche, Daiichi Sankyo Europe and NEOM, they showcased their projects and achievements during the program phase.

Pilot Showcases with Roche

GPx, a US-based startup, presented its first product: a novel blood biomarker-assisted RPM

for Heart Failure. The product is provided as a package to patients upon discharge from the hospital and includes a smartwatch, a Bluetooth wireless scale, and blood collection tools.


NursIT specializes in services and products for the largest stakeholders in the healthcare market: nursing professionals. The company uses a proven model of structured care, with the goal of reducing costs and improving the quality of care as well as employee satisfaction.

Project Showcases with Daiichi Sankyo

HumanITcare’s mission is to radically improve people’s access to healthcare, which they address by monitoring the health of millions of patients from home. They are currently working with more than 20 hospitals, clinics and healthcare insurances in LATAM, EU, and soon US (2023).


Liva Healthcare is a digital health company that supports individuals to prevent, manage, and treat chronic conditions (e.g. type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease), by providing behavioural science led health coaching, facilitated by technology as a vehicle to scale.

Pilot Showcases with Neom

Katana Graph™ offers a breakthrough graph intelligence platform that enables life sciences organizations to reap the huge potential of graph processing and AI. From virtual screening of drugs to managing healthcare providers participating in clinical trials, the Katana Graph platform helps biopharma companies use graph algorithms to discover new opportunities and efficiencies throughout the life sciences value chain.


Altibbi has grown to become the largest Arabic digital health platform in the Middle East Region. Altibbi allows patients & doctors to connect virtually, ultimately, creating an integrated proprietary network of patients and healthcare providers. Altibbi provides its 1M daily visitors with access to 2M+ pages of reliable, vetted, Arabic content. Additionally, Altibbi provides patients with access to consult a doctor 24/7 and within minutes, completing 4K+ real-time consultations on a daily basis.

Breakout Sessions

For the first time, the Startup Creasphere EXPO hosted 5 different breakout sessions, focusing on cutting-edge topics, and providing deep insights into the forefront of innovation.


Attendees gained valuable knowledge and engaged in entertaining discussion topics, such as the transformative potential of ChatGPT in health and longevity, or digital twins.


Additionally, in an interactive session, key stakeholders from Roche were looking back at “5 Years of Startup Creasphere”, reflecting on the organization’s journey, including key learnings and achievements. Last but not least, the startup demo area was packed with disruptive digital health startups from the global ecosystem that showcased their solutions during the startup pitches session.

Bits & Pretzels Healthtech

Many of the participants took the opportunity to continue the exchange and mutual learning within the framework of the Bits & Pretzels HealthTech 2023, where more than 2,500 representatives of the German and European digital health scene met for the second time at the ICM in Munich on June 20/21, 2023, to exchange ideas, learn from each other and jointly shape the future of digital healthcare together.

More about Bits & Pretzels HealthTech: bitsandpretzels.com/healthtech

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