A Deep Dive into Startup Creasphere – APAC Expo Day

On November 21st, the Innovation community in the APAC region came together for the highly anticipated Startup Creasphere APAC Expo Day.


The event served as a dynamic convergence of startup founders, corporates, VC investors, and various healthcare stakeholders, fostering inspiration through keynotes, startup pitches, and invaluable networking opportunities.

Opening Keynote by Wendy Bao, Strategy & Innovation Lead at Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific

Wendy Bao, Strategy & Innovation Lead at Roche Diagnostics Asia Pacific, delivered an enlightening opening keynote, providing insights into Roche’s vision for fostering innovation in APAC. She underscored the company’s commitment to accelerating the commercialization and adoption of digital solutions in the region and identifying Startup Creasphere as a pivotal player in connecting innovative solutions, startups, and corporates to transform healthcare together.

Fireside Chat on Healthcare Innovation

During the Expo Day, we hosted a fireside chat on health, featuring Dr. Alfred Chng as the panelist moderator alongside esteemed guests, including Dr. Ervinna Pang, Dr. Rena Dharmawan, Jordan Sellman, and Dr. Tan Cher Heng. The discussion delved into critical aspects of healthcare innovation, shedding light on the evolving landscape and collaborative efforts driving positive change.


The conversation expanded to explore the Future of Health Management, addressing the pivotal role innovation plays in shaping the trajectory of healthcare. Panelists shared insights on what health management should encompass and how innovation serves as a powerful ally in achieving those goals. The discourse went beyond the present, contemplating the necessary steps for a more effective health management paradigm. Issues such as policy frameworks, patient education, and collaboration with other stakeholders, including insurance companies and healthcare providers, were highlighted as crucial elements. The panel emphasized the importance of motivating patients to actively participate in their treatment, envisioning a future where collaborative efforts lead to better health outcomes for individuals and society at large.


The Pilot Projects

The spotlight then turned to the two startups that had worked on pilot projects with Roche in the Startup Creasphere Program.


Neurophet has developed an AI-based brain MRI segmentation technology to precisely measure the structural information of each brain region. PET is the gold standard for detecting and prescribing drugs for AD. Amyloid PET has limitations: too expensive, high exposure to radiation to patients, and limited availability. Neurophet aims to provide an early diagnosis of AD at a lower cost.


Skylabs: CART is a ring-type medical device that continuously monitors atrial fibrillation and heart rate using PPG and ECG signals. Continuous blood pressure monitoring poses challenges due to the lack of 24-hour monitoring (due to user intervention), blood pressure variability, and discomfort for long-term use. Skylabs addresses the challenges faced by physicians by providing effective diagnosis and treatment planning, resulting in therapeutic benefits and accurate medication for patients.


Finalizing the round of startup showcases and pitches, PocDoc, a company from the United Kingdom came to the virtual stage. PocDoc has developed a digital end-to-end CVD health check pathway, including home testing of cholesterol. They are interested in expanding their presence in the APAC market.

With the APAC Expo Day, Startup Creasphere continued to exemplify its commitment to transforming healthcare through open innovation, collaborations, and the relentless pursuit of innovative solutions. The event served as tangible proof of the collective efforts propelling the healthcare industry toward a future defined by collaboration, innovation, and positive impact.

Watch the Health EXPO replay here!

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